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Accountable Upholstery Cleaning

Accountable carpet cleanings upholstery cleaning service covers all types on fabric including micro-suede, micro-fibre, tapestry and general fabrics. with our $40,000 truck mount steam cleaning machine we have exact temperature control which means no damage to your fine fabrics.

Our owner-operator technician has cleaned every fabric ever made and is fully aware of the damage that can be done when not using the correct detergents and temperatures.

Your delicate fabrics will be deep steam cleaned and generally ready to sit on within 2 hours. Our technician will tell you exactly what results to expect before he starts the job. No surprises. He will recommend exactly what you need for your lounge that will add to keeping it in pristine condition and add to its longevity. Remember to ask about our quality fabric protection.Carpet cleaners

Leather lounge cleaning

Leather lounge restoration:

Accountable carpet cleaning also specialises in cleaning and restoration of leather lounges. You will be amazed how good your leather lounge will look once it has been cleaned and revitalised. Most people wait until their lounge starts “cracking” and then it’s too late.

We are still cleaning lounges that are 20 years old because they have been maintained properly the older the leather, the more comfortable it becomes with 31 years experience, our technician has seen every type of leather. It is also important to note that not all leather can be cleaned because of its type. We will advise you on the best options for your lounge.

Our view is that you really need to know what you are doing when it comes to cleaning leather so be careful of companies making “false promises”. Our technician will thoroughly evaluate your lounge and tell you exactly what results you should expect. We are also happy to give you advice on how to maintain your leather lounge in between visits.

Why not give us a call and bring your lounge back to life!

Mattresses and bedding:

Did you know that we lose up to a litre of fluid (sweat) in our bed every night? It’s a great idea to steam clean andMattress cleaning sterilise your mattress every couple of years. It also kills those nasty dust mites. There’s nothing like climbing into a fresh, clean bed. Accountable carpet cleanings truck mounted steam cleaning machine sanitizes and kills dust mites. At the same time, our high tech vacuum will suck out built up odours and body fluid.

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Scotchguard and other products:

Scotchguard is a great product for protecting fabric lounges and chairs from everyday spills and grime. Scotchguard stops stains from penetrating the fibres in your lounge which then allows us to bring your furniture back to near new.


This is a great product for killing germs and odours in your carpets and upholstery - especially pet odours and cigarette smells. It also will last for months.